11 Benefits of Chatbots in Healthcare Industry

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In the movie “Spider-Man — Far From Home” Peter said “Everywhere I go, I see his face”, he said this line with respect to Iron Man. Here, I want to link this statement to the fact that everywhere I go, I see the impact of AI.

Almost every industry is now moving towards digital transformation (DX) by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IoT, and many more. The healthcare industry is also experiencing the intervention of AI-powered chatbots.

According to Fortune Business Insights, North America’s AI technology in the medical field is expected to grow up to $164.10 billion by the year 2029. This growth accounts for a CAGR rate of 42.2%.

The medical industry is trying to automate its operations through chatbots for customer services, collecting data of patients, appointment scheduling, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Let’s check out this article to figure out the specific benefits of chatbots in the healthcare sector.

11 Benefits of Healthcare Chatbots: Perfect Match for Better Patient Engagement

Chatbots in healthcare can mimic human-like responses so that you can automate many daily activities of your nurses or doctors. From patient support to diagnosis, there are 11 specific ways in which chatbots are revolutionizing healthcare.

1. Enabling prompt responses

Chatbots incorporate pre-programmed scripts and machine-learning algorithms that help in generating prompt responses for patients. They search for the user’s query through their knowledge database and present a profound answer.

Currently, they are able to resolve simpler medical issues with prompt responses. In the future, machine learning & natural language processing (NLP) may begin to provide customized solutions for complex medical issues as well.

2. Insurance coverage & claims can be handled by chatbots in healthcare

In reality, availing of any insurance policy is similar to “grabbing the piece of cake” but seeking an insurance claim incorporates a lot of headaches and paperwork. Patients need to complete a lot of verification rounds to get the claim.

Many times insurance companies face allegations for not keeping transparency in their policies. So, the use of health insurance chatbots in healthcare can be helpful in guiding patients about an entire insurance coverage process.

Furthermore, a chatbot can offer complete guidance to patients and it can even solve their queries related to filling insurance claims. It can eventually support them in getting claims faster in the healthcare sector.

3. Assess Symptoms with an accuracy of 74.65%

Journal of the South Carolina, conducted a study on 16,733 patients for testing whether chatbots are able to deduct the patient’s symptoms or not. The chatbots scored an astonishing accuracy rate of 74.65%.

In the future, chatbots in healthcare will be able to enhance their symptoms detection rate more accurately through collective patient data. This emphasizes that the healthcare sector will be going to witness the massive impact of AI-enabled operations.

4. They can act as a virtual assistant for mental health

Healthcare chatbots are disrupting the industry or jobs of psychiatrists as well as mental health counselors. Patients can ignite a meaningful conversion with bots and then bots can provide them with profound practical solutions for enhancing their mental health.

5. Goodbye to long call-holding time for appointment scheduling, because medical chatbots can do it in “seconds”

The reception area of almost all the hospitals keeps ringing with phone calls. Patients also do not feel comfortable during long call holdings. Thus, artificial intelligence in the medical field has started answering questions through medical chatbots.

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Now, patients are not required to connect with doctors or nurses at least for getting answers to their basic queries. At the global level, patients and loved ones have started to use chatbots for appointment scheduling & other activities.

6. It makes the patient’s journey smooth & effective

For decades, the healthcare industry is trying to reduce the obstacles that patients faced before availing of treatment. So, “ai healthcare chatbots” are no less than a blessing because patients can perform below functions:

  • The patient can take pre-visit assistance.
  • Post-visit follow-up.
  • Medication Reminders.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Getting personalized recommendations.

7. Doctors may close their window after working for 13–14hours/day but AI healthcare chatbots stay available for 24 hours

We all know that health-related emergencies can arise at any time and it is not necessary that our doctors are available for us whenever we get indulged in any emergency.

However, chatbots are available for patients round the clock — they can be used for checking symptoms, assisting patients during emergencies, and many more.

8. Conversational AI chatbots can collect patient’s data and then transfer it for further analysis

To revolutionize the healthcare service, AI & Machine Learning (ML) analyze the questions asked by patients, their responses, and more. AI Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) and algorithms to get trained further.

9. Minimizing costs of operations

Healthcare chatbots can eliminate huge manual efforts that can result in reduced overall to a certain extent. Moreover, to reduce the further cost you can hire remote developers for preparing AI-enabled chatbots and mobile applications.

10. Chatbots can reduce the workload of the nurses

The use of Chatbots in healthcare can ease the shortage of staffing shortages. As, nurses and frontline workers can automate their operations — such as discharging materials, taking frequent follow-ups, and many more.

11. Personalized answers

To provide personalized answers, the patient engagement chatbot required interaction history of patients, their preferences, current medications, current treatment cycle, etc. On the bases of these factors, they can provide specific answers to them.

Tools To Prepare AI-Enabled Chatbots

In today’s IT universe, there are ample amount of tools available for constructing chatbots. However, below are the 5 top most renowned tools that you can utilize:

  • “Google Dialogflow”
  • “Microsoft Bot Framework”
  • “Amazon Lex”
  • “BotMan”
  • “Botsify”


With the support of ai chatbots for healthcare, it will be much easier for you to streamline your hospital’s functions. At Competenza Innovare, our developers incorporate expertise into diverse domains and we can help you to create advanced conversational ai healthcare chatbots for your hospitals or clinics.

So, connect with our project managers and share your requirements. For developing chatbots, we have well-versed IT labs, the latest software, API integration functions, and all the tools to execute your requirements.

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