iOS Mobile App Development: How It Can Boost Your Business Growth

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According to, 2nd quarter of the year 2022 recorded traffic of 51.42% from smartphones in the USA. It was estimated that Americans used to check their phones 344 times per day.

The official numbers related to the iOS applications are also fascinating from the business perspective — such as over 1.6 million applications were present in the iOS store in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

App Store is marked as the 2nd largest mobile application store and it incorporates vast growth opportunities for business growth. In this article, you will get insights about a few eye-opening points that can be applied in your business through iOS mobile application development:

Leverage Your Business Revenue Through iOS App Development

Generate higher ROI

Take advantage of iOS app development to boost revenue for your business. $0.88 was the recorded average App Store Mobile Applications price until November 2021.

It is estimated that iOS users make higher in-app purchases and often purchase paid applications according to their requirements. So, the process of iOS application development can generate higher ROI for your business.

Now, you may be wondering which category of iOS application generates higher ROI.

  • As per, applications like “Tinder” (it comes under the dating app category) generated revenue of $37.6 million in September 2022.
  • Social applications like “TikTok” generated revenue of more than $35 million in September 2022.
  • Gaming applications like “Honor of Kings” generated revenue of more than $24 million.

Increase the goodwill of your business by captivating your targeted audience

  • When you build an iOS app for your business then it enhances your brand reputation among the audiences. In reality, people used to consider Apple.Inc’s products/services as a symbol of prestige and status.
  • iPhone and iOS app hacking news are not frequently reported since iOS apps consist of reliable security. So, focusing on iPhone app development will be added as a great advantage to gain consumers’ trust.
  • Connect with the best iOS app development company, so that they will put their attention to your every product detail and your primary intent. Share your complete business requirements with an iPhone app development company to create a fascinating platform for your consumers.

Comprehensive app testing functions

The mobile devices of Apple.Inc (iPhones) are less as compared to Android devices. So, it allows you to test your application in specific areas to make sure that the app should be run smoothly on all devices.

Manual testing of an application cannot be ignored and a limited number of iOS devices (as compared to Android devices) helps the developers of the iOS application development company to complete the testing part in a well-defined manner.

Below are the necessary areas that need to be tested while deploying an iOS application — such as:

  • User Experience.
  • Load time and performance of the application.
  • Compatibility with the current iOS version (iOS 16 is the latest application version).
  • Testing for iPhone security vulnerabilities.

Targeted audiences with higher purchase power

The iPhone app development process helps the business to target an audience that incorporates higher purchasing power. iPhone users are more capable of making frequent in-app purchases.

  • While considering the demographic analysis, “Apple.Inc’s Products” are placed into a high-income group. It signifies that iOS devices always target the premium category of audiences.
  • So, if you will create an application for the iOS platform then it incorporates a higher probability that your users will be going to spend more money as compared to Android users.
  • As per the report of Marketingdive, iPhone users incorporate an annual salary of $53,251 per year while Android users incorporate an annual salary of $37,040.
  • iPhone users are more likely to spend money on innovative technologies and applications than Android users. So, iOS app development services will help you in targeting users with higher average income and it will also increase your business revenue.

Get direct support from Apple.Inc

Apple.Inc incorporates an extensive team for handling all the technical support incidents (TSI). The TSI of Apple.Inc provides the following support:

  • Support for Apple frameworks.
  • Support for Apple APIs and tools.
  • Support for fixing bugs.

After completing the process of custom iOS mobile app development, you can take support and maintenance from Apple.Inc as well. The company also provides TSI for the Xcode app development process as well.

iOS App Development requires less time than Android apps

  • iOS mobile app developers incorporate the use of swift app development (Apple’s native programming language) which results in less time development than Android users.
  • Android Users utilized both key languages such as Java and Kotlin. It is generally considered that Android app development incorporates an average time of 4 to 6 months.
  • iPhone app developers incorporate a streamlined process of only 3 to 4 months in making an application ready for public release. Although, the designing stages in this process may take additional time.

Incorporate a global business presence

Since 2017, iPhone users have increased by 22.85% and the mark of 1 billion users was touched by the company in the year 2020 at the global level.

Selecting the iOS App Development process will going to give you global business exposure to connect with a vast level audiences.

The Final Words

In reality, the market of application development is becoming highly competitive and every organization wants to develop strategies so that they can fascinate/attract the mass-level audience through user-friendly and easy-to-navigate applications.

The iOS mobile app development process allows companies to craft applications that are highly user-friendly. While deploying any application, there are two most important key factors — such as user-friendliness of an application and the specific value that can be brought by an application in the user’s life.

Moreover, the process of deploying an iOS mobile application goes through specific stages and you can hire iOS developers for cost-effective solutions.

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