Top 10 Tips to Hire Remote App Developers for Startups in 2023

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5 min readFeb 6, 2023

Startups are showing interest to hire remote mobile app developers because of low-cost investment and remote developers require less maintenance as compared to in-house employees.

Remote developers help the organization to provide innovative methods and they use the latest frameworks to fulfill the project requirements. For example, Native Script Framework, Xamarin, etc.

Mobile application development is a crucial part of any small to large-scale business because it connects them with their customers or viewers.

So, check out the below tips to find ways to select the best mobile app remote developers that can help you to accomplish your project aims.

10 Tips To Hire Remote Mobile App Developers

1. Evaluate your project’s technical requirements before hiring any remote developer

First, you need to check about specific application frameworks that will suit your project. For example, you need to check which frameworks will be most suitable for your projects such as Express.js, jQuery, ASP.NET Core, Laravel, etc.

Once you completed your evaluation then you can conduct detailed research related to developers who are familiar with your selected frameworks and requirements.

2. Connect with freelance websites

In the USA, to hire a remote mobile app developer you can check these popular websites:

Freelance developers mainly charge on hourly bases. On average, you will need to pay money between $15 to $30 per hour to freelance developers.

Instead of hiring on hourly bases you can hire dedicated mobile app developers and give them the entire project.

3. Outsourcing project

You can need to connect with any reputable company that can understand and fulfill your project requirements. You can hire an iOS app developer and hire an Android app developer through outsourcing projects.

You may face several hindrances/difficulties while working with any outsourcing firm — such as different time zones, cultural gaps, communication gaps, etc.

To handle outsourcing employees or companies you need to design good project management software.

4. Use LinkedIn to hire hybrid app developers

In Q1 of 2022, there are over 822 million registered users on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to connect with different people that can fulfill your project requirements.

For example — Through LinkedIn, you can hire remote mobile application developers, on-demand app developers, or even freelancers as well.

You need to invest some time in searching for worthy connections.

5. Referrals

Referrals are considered as an appropriate source to hire developers. You can check your business connections if they want to refer to any candidate who wants to work as remote developers.

Referral-based recommendations can result in hiring the most talented candidates. Still, you need to conduct a detailed background check of the candidates.

6. Hire remote mobile app developers but do not fall for low prices

On different freelance and social media websites, many developers will be ready to complete your projects at less charge than the market rates. Generally, these kinds of developers are beginners who do not hold much experience.

You can hire low-experience developers at low costs but there is no guarantee of any specific quality.

Instead of hiring beginner developers at a low cost, it is recommended that employers should hire an experienced freelancer to complete their project requirements.

7. Need to take care of privacy matters

It is important to take care of privacy matters and to maintain the confidentiality of the reports.

To make sure that remote developers will not compromise the security measures you need to sign a legal NDA agreement with them.

The legal agreement between parties will ensure that developers will not leak any confidential information.

On the other hand, if you hire any outsourcing company to handle your projects then it becomes their responsibility to maintain utmost confidentiality.

8. Evaluate the approach and problem-solving method of developers

To check whether a specific team of developers can fulfill your project requirements or not? You need to first evaluate their common approach to problem-solving.

Once you will get insights about the common approach of developers for problem-solving then you will able to judge their performance.

Even if the approach of the developers are different then still you can consider giving them a chance instead of sticking to a specific method.

9. If you do not have budget issues, then hire developers from well-known app development companies

Hiring remote developers from well-known companies will cost you more money but it will give you a surety of the optimum quality of production.

You can use LinkedIn and other online job portals to connect with any reputable company to hire developers. You can hire professionals and formal developers from reputable organizations that provide IT staff augmentation services.

10. Avoid picking developers who are not ready to provide future maintenance of the projects

There are many freelancers and remote developers who do not want to provide an additional service after completing the projects. These kinds of developers generally charge a low amount but they do not provide post-project services.

If you believe that your projects will not require any service in the future then you can hire these developers.

Even if you hire any developer who is ready to provide post-project services then it is suggested to form a legal agreement with them to avoid any future inconvenience.


After reading all the above mention tips you can choose to follow any specific tips that can suit your project requirements. Before hiring any remote developer you are required to review their approach to handling project problems.

After COVID-19, the trends for hiring remote developers have increased. You can also choose relevant remote developers who are ready to fulfill your project requirements.

Many companies have started shifting towards staff augmentation or remote workforce because it saves their cost and resources.

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