Top 20 Questions About IT Staff Augmentation Services

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IT staff augmentation is a well-defined way to accomplish project goals at the least cost. Nowadays, many companies have started to give preference to the staff augmentation model by hiring remote developers rather than hiring in-house employees.

We know that you also desire to opt for remote developer services. However, before opting for staff augmentation services you need to gain complete knowledge about all the associated areas.

So, we have put together a list of 20 top FAQs that business owners generally ask before switching to staff augmentation services. After reading the below FAQs, you will gain an in-depth insight into this domain:

Q1. How much cost can be saved after opting for IT staff augmentation services?

The exact amount can only be stated to you after knowing your requirements. However, companies that hire dedicated remote teams (instead of in-house teams) are experiencing a 60% cost reduction.

If you opt for IT augmentation services then you can save your cost by designing a technical infrastructure for your in-house team, you can save HR operation costs, and many more.

So, it’s a perfect time for you to save an ample amount of money by connecting with Competenza Innovare Pvt Ltd for the best and optimum quality services.

Q2. What is the primary difference between — staff augmentation & managed services?

Staff augmentation and managed services are both outsourcing models but serve different purposes and have different advantages.

Staff augmentation provides a company with additional staff to supplement its existing team, usually for a specific project or a limited time period.

Managed services, provide a company with a complete solution for a specific business function, such as IT support, which an external provider manages.

So, you need to decide which model will be best suited for your business. You can take support from Competenza Innovare by opting for our IT staff augmentation consulting services.

Q3. What is the difference between IT staff augmentation vs outsourcing?

IT staff augmentation and outsourcing are two different models of hiring IT talent for businesses.

In IT staff augmentation, you can monitor the performance of remote employees and you can take direct control of their performance. You can even take interviews with remote employees before selecting them for your team.

However, in the outsourcing model, you do not incorporate any direct control over the performance of the employees. You cannot even get an opportunity to select the employees. It is the complete discretion of the vendor to select the teams as per their own judgment.

Q4. What are the pricing models in IT staff augmentation?

Top IT Staff augmentation companies offer two types of pricing models — such as:

1. Fixed Price Model: This model is well-designed for large-size projects and it runs on the “project-based payment” method.

2. Hourly Model: This model runs on the concept of the “pay-as-you-go” model. You can hire remote software developers on hourly bases for accomplishing your project goals.

Q5. What are the benefits of IT staff augmentation?

Below are the certain associated benefits of IT staff augmentation services:

  • It provides a cost-effective competitive edge.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Easy expansion of the business through remote developers.
  • Hire developers as per your business requirements and pay them per the specific tasks.
  • Access to updated technologies because staff augmentation companies always keep their workforce updated with the latest technologies.
  • No need to worry about creating policies related to enhancing employee retention and minimizing employee attrition.

Q6. Why is it beneficial for businesses to opt for staff augmentation?

There following key benefits of IT staff augmentation services:

  • You can gain a skilled workforce at a low cost.
  • Remote developers keep themselves updated with all the major technologies, programming languages, and frameworks.
  • Your business can get a third-party perspective on its current business operations.
  • If you choose to hire a remote team of developers as compared to the in-house team then you can save up to 60% of the cost.

Q7. How to figure out a reputable staff augmentation company?

You need to follow the below tactics to check the relevancy of your staff augmentation service provider:

  1. Review the portfolio of your staffing partner. To get a better understanding, check their past as well as recent portfolios.
  2. Evaluate your partner’s local as well as international markets.
  3. You need to also evaluate your communication protocol.

Q8. What are the critical stages that are associated with staff augmentation?

To hire remote development team members, you need to adhere to these stages — such as determining the specific skills you want in your workforce, the sourcing stage, screening of candidates through interviews or any other assessment tests, the onboarding stage, the performance monitoring stage, and the evaluation stage.

Q9. What is the cost of staff augmentation?

On average, staff augmentation costs range from $50 to $200 per hour. However, it entirely depends upon several key factors — such as location, type of work, and required skillset. To calculate the cost, you must consider overhead expenses — such as benefits, training, and equipment when evaluating the cost of staff augmentation.

Q10. In order to find a reputable staff augmentation company, how should I proceed?

  1. Research companies: Use online resources — such as: “websites” and “review platforms” to research potential staff augmentation firms.
  2. Seek referrals: Ask your industry contacts for staff augmentation company recommendations.
  3. Contact companies: Reach out to potential firms and ask about experience, processes, and pricing.
  4. Check the portfolio of different companies.

Q11. What are the associated risks with staff augmentation?

The associated risks with staff augmentation are as follows –

  1. Misalignment of expectations.
  2. If your vendor is not reliable then dependency on a single vendor can disrupt the working process.
  3. Communication challenges.
  4. Security concerns.

Q12. What are the ways to avoid risks associated with risk augmentation?

  1. Clearly define expectations.
  2. Check the portfolio of the vendors.
  3. Define a suitable communication style so that you can stay in touch with the remote developers.
  4. Sometimes difficulties can arise due to different time zones. So, you need to decide on common working hours to communicate effectively.

Q13. Do staff augmentation companies allow for taking the interview of the candidates?

Yes, as establishing complete transparency among the operations is necessary. So, IT Staff augmentation firms allowed taking interviews of the candidates to evaluate their expertise or prowess.

Q14. How do remote developers provide services due to the multiple time zones?

  1. At the time of the contract, IT staffing companies can prepare guidelines about the availability of services during each time zone clearly to clients.
  2. They can assign a team or schedule staff who can work during the different time zones.
  3. Regularly evaluate and adjust the schedule to ensure that clients receive the services they need during their preferred time zones.

Q15. It is allowed to give assessments to candidates for evaluating their skills?

Yes, it is completely allowed to give assessments to candidates to decide whether their skills will be suitable for handling your operations or not.

Q16. How much time is required to hire remote developers?

Staff augmentation project managers ensure a streamlined process and they believe in offering robust services. Generally, the entire process of hiring remote developers requires 7 to 10 days. During this period, you can take interviews with the candidates and then you can proceed toward the legal contract for the project.

Q17. Can remote developers cause impact the company’s official data?

No, if your vendors are following proper compliance and data security policies then there will be complete security for your data. You need to connect with reliable vendors and make sure that your vendors should incorporate globally accepted certificates — such as ISO Certifications.

Q18. Which is the more cost-effective — hiring remote developers or in-house team members?

Without any doubt, hiring a remote developer is cost-effective as compared to an in-house team. When you choose remote developers then you can save your expenses towards — designing employee retention policies, you do not need to pay regular monthly paychecks, you do not require any additional office spaces for employees, and many more.

Q19. What are the ways to evaluate the performance measures of remote developers?

  1. By designing the KPIs.
  2. Time tracking and project management tools.
  3. Through performance review metrics.

Q20. Which project methodology is best for staff augmentation services?

Agile methodology” is considered one of the foremost methodologies for staff augmentation services. It emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement in an effective way.

This methodology allows sharing the project updates with clients in small sprints so that clients can review the projects and they can share their feedback. Once a single sprint is completed then the project moves toward new sprints.

In this way, it helps to align clients’ expectations and to ensure that everyone is working in the identical direction.

The Final Words

We have answered all the common questions that may arise in your mind related to hiring remote developers. Hiring remote developers to end your major business struggles — such as searching for potential candidates, making policies for employee retention, and many more.

If you still require any answers to your questions then you can simply connect with our project managers. We are a top-notch IT staff augmentation service provider and we believe in ensuring complete transparency to our clients.

Our project managers will ensure that you get all the answers to your questions before opting for the services. Not only this, our team members work in multiple time zones to satisfy our clients.

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