Top 6 Advantages of Hiring Remote Developers

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In the year 2021, Upwork reported 1 out of 4 Americans would be working remotely. This trend for a remote workforce is a win-win situation for employers and employees. Business owners have started connecting with remote developers for their day-to-day business functions, such as developing mobile applications, websites, and e-commerce.

6 Advantages of hiring remote developers

#1: Incorporate a higher level of knowledge and skills

Remote development team members incorporate a higher level of knowledge and skills.

The research conducted by Global Workforce Analytics showcases different facts regarding the trend of remote working in the USA IN 2021. Remote employees tend to be more skillful or knowledgeable as compared to others.

There can be two primary reasons:

  • Remote employees always focus on learning new strategies and tools to make their software or application more user-friendly.
  • Remote development teams believe that to get new contracts, they need to be aware of all the new trends (especially in the IT field). Remote workers are always ready to spend an ample amount of time learning new skills.

In the USA IT industry, many emerging IT tools can solve various business issues. Thus, companies or clients want skillful workforces who can work on complex programming tools such as “Collaborator”, “React.js”, etc.

So, hiring remote developers can effectively result in fulfilling business requirements.

Here an argument arises that instead of hiring remote developers, the clients can also hire new employees who are aware of these latest tools.

The answer is “yes,” but the clients will need to bear the high overhead costs if they hire in-house employees instead of remote team members.

#2: Highly productive

In September 2022, a remote work survey was conducted by Ergotron. This survey was conducted on 1000 candidates, and it showcases that remote developers are highly productive.

From Erogtron’s research, it can be concluded that there are two primary reasons behind the high productivity level of remote or hybrid workforces:

  • Working from home or working remotely allows them to follow a proper work-life balance.
  • They effectively foster healthier lifestyle choices.

#3: Higher-quality outcomes

Developing software through remote workforces leads to higher quality outcomes.

There are two primary types of research to justify the above statement:

  • A Study from Ergotron found that 40% of remote candidates can work for longer hours.
  • According to the data from the National Bureau of Economic Research, USA — This research showcase that the working hours of remote developers are generally 45.8 minutes longer than in-house employees.

From the business perspective, you will get the benefit of more working output from remote employees because they work for more hours as compared to in-house employees.

You, as a business owner, may be thinking that if remote employees will work for more hours, then it will be going to increase their stress levels. In reality, it is completely a myth.

In the year 2020, Nitro Study analyzed that moderate stress levels of remote workers reduced from 33% to 29%.

Through the above discussion, it is clear that if you will hire remote software developers, then you can get your work completed in the optimum quality. You do not need to worry about stress levels because working with remote developers is less stressful.

#4: Increases the likelihood of scalability

If you belong to an IT company, then you know that client projects are not consistent. Especially if your IT company belongs to an SME. Sometimes, your company can get 20+ projects for the next 3 months, and sometimes you need to struggle to get projects.

In this case, hiring remote developers allows you to increase or decrease the average number of workforces as per the demand of your current projects.

Many business owners raise a common argument that — working with remote developers can generate an issue due to different time zones.

The solution to this argument is — to foster a culture of written communication via email. It will help in communicating effectively with the remote developers even in different time zones.

#5: An abundance of creative ideas

In the USA, there are around 501,985 IT consulting businesses in the year 2022. IT companies tend to connect with consulting companies for new business ideas.

Hiring remote software developers helps you in getting various recommendations that can be implemented in your current business model. In reality, remote candidates can reduce your dependency on IT consulting companies.

Remote developers also provide real-time ideas or solutions to companies after analyzing their current business models.

A common argument arises by business owners that to get creative ideas from remote developers it is necessary to give them access to the company’s confidential data.

“Yes” it is true but if you want to share only limited access with the remote developers then it is entirely up to you.

#6: Highly cost-effective

If you are a business owner then you are aware of the importance of having a good infrastructure. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide sustainable infrastructure and modern resources to your employees.

It will be going to cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, hiring remote developers will be going to help you in saving enormous IT infrastructure costs.

For example, with IT remote developers, you do not require additional expenses such as internet connection, refreshment expenses for the employees, electricity bills, expenses on adding new tools, etc.

You are only required to bear expenses for contract charges of remote employees.


In today’s market, almost all types of services or functions can be performed through remote developers. Remote working incorporates huge future potential, and there are many underlining benefits of hiring remote developers. Not only in the USA but at the global level — the trend for IT staff augmentation services is gaining a positive outlook.

Author — Himanshu Mehra

Himanshu Mehra is the digital marketing manager and technical content writer at Competenza Innovare, an IT staff augmentation company. With 10 years of content writing, inbound marketing, and lead generation experience, Himanshu has helped SaaS companies and small to enterprise tech businesses to grow their brand value & revenue.

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